DOG Wee Cleaner
DOG Wee Cleaner

DOG Wee Cleaner

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Not to take the piss but a wee in the house is more than just a wee. Its odours mark a spot. A scented signal for your doggy to return to the scene and let that pee flow again. With natural, odour-neutralising enzymes, a gorgeous scent and a removable brush, this Wee Cleaner will be your number one cleaner for number ones.

Thoroughly blot up urine with an absorbent cloth or towel. Remove any solid material.  If used on carpet or soft furnishings, use firm pressure to absorb all urine from carpet and underlay. Keep blotting until no more wetness is felt. Once you have removed all moisture, thoroughly spray wee cleaner to saturate the area. For carpets and soft furnishings, use the base of this bottle with the silicone brush to scrub the area until a light lather forms (take care with delicate fabrics). Allow to dry. Multiple treatments may be required for stubborn areas.


Tested on most floors, carpets and soft furnishings, however we always recommend that you patch test a small inconspicuous area before use to ensure it is suitable in your home. Avoid use on silk or leather. Silicone brush can be rinsed while on the bottle or removed for more thorough handwashing. 


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