The Ultimate Gift Guide For Fathers Day in Australia

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How and when did Father's Day originate?

Have you ever wondered why every year, cultures around the world celebrate Father's Day? Although you may think it's simply because Dads are the best, we dived into the origins of the special day and discovered that it has a greater cultural and historical significance than expected.

The original Father's Day takes us back to 1900s America in Spokane, Washington. The daughter of a civil war veteran, Sonora Dodd, pitched the idea that there should be a day commemorating the importance, hard-work and dedication of dads around the country after being raised by a war-veteran, and single Dad of 6.

Sonora Dodd approached her local YMCA and Ministerial Association of Spokane, who in part, helped to found the first ever American Father's Day in 1910. Father's Day soon cropped up in states around the country, and soon after, in many other countries in the western world.

Prior to Spokane, a version of Father's Day was found in other cultures, such as Catholic Europe in Spain and Portugal during the Middle Ages, where they celebrated the 'Nourisher of the Lord' or 'Nutritor Domini'. With colonialism of the Americas brought this tradition to the western world, too. Today, March 19th is known as Saint Joseph's Day in countries like Portugal and Costa Rica.

Which countries celebrate Father's Day today?

Outside the catholic tradition, Father's Day is now celebrated by over 30 countries around the world. It is a day dedicated to the role of fathers in the household, workplace, and society. In some cases, the role of Father's Day is also to pay an ode to historical fatherly public figures and politicians.

In Russia, a rendition of Father's Day is known as 'men's day', or Defender of the Fatherland Day, in Sweden as Fars Dag, and in Taiwan, Father's Day is known as bā-bā. Although we know it here in Australia as simply Father's Day, the holiday is celebrated in dozens of cultures around the world, paying hommage to our biological (and spiritual) Fathers and the influence they've had in raising us, supporting us, and mentoring us.

Why is Father's Day important?

Every year, we celebrate Dad on Father's Day, by greeting him with coffee and breakfast in bed, or taking him out to the local sports venue for a day at the field. But what exactly DO we owe him, and why exactly is it so important that we pay an ode to the father-daughter, father-son relationship?

We can draw upon several studies which have shown the importance of a father during the brain development of toddlers. Dad's play a crucial role in securing your emotional and psychological development, as described in one study by University of Missouri professor David Geary.

Geary states that kids learn how to interact with others through 'rough play' - cue those wrestling matches or roughhousing moments before bed, as Mum tells you all to calm down and brush your teeth. This type of behaviour allows you to navigate through the realities of society later in life but also teaches you and your siblings how to control emotions.

In addition, recent studies have revealed that the greater amount of affection received from your father at a young age correlates with how well you will age and develop emotional maturity. An article by LiveScience states that "young adults sense of well-being, happiness, of life satisfaction than knowing about the extent to which they feel loved by their mothers."

We've all experienced Dad dropping us off at our first sports game, prepping us for our next big Maths exam, and advising us on Uni essay topics. Dad is a sense of security, but also an advocate of setting and achieving our own goals.

He teaches us what it means to feel protected and safe in a world of chaos, while also providing us with necessary tools to navigate our own way, and pave our own path, in whatever the endeavour.

It's clear that all of this love and dedication from Pops should be acknowledged - and rewarded - and therefore Father's Day is a great day to spoil him with gifts you can enjoy together.

If you're still not convinced that an entire 24-hours should be dedicated to the best guy in your life, then why not take these snippets of information for a quick spin:

1. He's a true superhero.

Forget the cape, cuz Dad's got his toolkit and a big heart. He'll be there to see you through your first day of Kindy, your first soccer playoff game, and off to Uni.

2. He's your personal moving service.

He dragged your suitcases to and from the airport, and helped you move into your first apartment. He's basically your personal moving service/shuttle driver.

3. He taught you that being yourself is OK.

Because he knows at the end of the day, it's all about being your true self and seeking happiness.

4. He's your spiritual and emotional mentour.

For us girls he may have taught you how to overcome adversity, and for the boys, how to love and respect your family.

5. He introduced you to all the great music.

Or at least what he considers great (cue Rolling Stones, Neil Young and ACDC.)

6. He protects us.

That scary brown-snake you just found on the property? Call up Dad and he'll take care of it.

7. He loves to surpise us with treats.

Saturday morning pancakes before footy practice? Check. Ice-cream after dinner? Yep.

8. He's patient.

He will sit through almost anything just to make you feel safe and loved. That Grade 2 school play where you played the lead in Macbeth? Yeah, that. He showed up a, sat front row, and filmed the whole thing.

9. He has the best Dad jokes, ever.

Cue: "If you see a robbery at an Apple Store does that make you an iWitness?" Thanks @BuzzFeed.

10. He's our premier skills teacher in life.

He taught us how to drive, cook an epic BBQ meal, dress-well for work, and everything in between.

Below, we bring you our favourite Fathers Day gift ideas across Australia to enjoy together.




In Brisbane

Supercars Drive and Ride Package

Dad can fasten his seatbelt and hop into a super-charged Supercar at the Norwell track. He can choose between either a Fod or Holden vehicle and enjoy the world's only V8 Autocar Experience. Zip up a race suit, throw on a helmet, and get ready for some thrilling hot laps (choose from 3, 5, 7, 10 or 12 laps).

Price: From $149.

XXXX Alehouse and Brewery Tour

Brisbane's favourite beer joint offers a 90-minute showcase tour of their tasty beers and history. Take Dad to sample the beers on tap, learn a little bit about the history of beer in Australia, and have a round or two to celebrate Father's Day.

Price: $32.

Formula One Simulator Experience in Brisbane

Give Dad the next best thing to racing a Formula One car with this Formula One Simulator experience in Brisbane. He can hop into the cockpit and choose from multiple 2013 race tracks from around the world as he takes on 6 laps. Choose between a 30 or 60 minute Simulator Experience, said to be so realistic, you can smell the burning rubber!

Price: From $147.

Brisbane Italian Cooking Class

Did someone say Italian? Take your Dad to learn the rustic ways of Italian cooking with this 3-hour class in Brisbane. He will learn how to make flatbreads, ravioli, ricotta and more. The best part? Getting to eat everything!

Price: From $55.

Rock Climbing

If your Dad is passionate about athletics and the great outdoors, then he will love the opportunity to frisk and climb his way down a rockface in the city of Brisbane. Choose between the day and twilight sesssions where he can enjoy climbing the Kangaroo Point Cliffs.

Price: From $55.

Story Bridge Climb

If your Dad has lived in Brisbane for his entire life (or just a while) then there's no excuse not to take him up the Brisbane Story Bridge Climb. Gain exceptional views of the city, learn a little bit about the history and heritage of Brisbane, and have a great time in the sunshine (choose from a dawn, day, twilight or night climb).

Price: From $119.

Scenic Flight

Give Dad this 20-minute scenic flight and discover the beauty of metropolis Brisbane and the ocean views. Depart from Archerfield Airport, fly over South Bank and the Brisbane River.

Price: $299.

On the Gold Coast

Supercars Drive and Ride Package

This gift is a great way to treat those with a need for speed! Your Dad can get out on the track with an experienced, professional driver for 6 epic laps. He can choose between a Fold or Holden vehicle and enjoy the horsepower as he emulates a professional driver!

Price: From $149.

V8 Off Road Buggy Drive and Ride

If your Dad would be more interested in a rugged driving experience, then he'll love the V8 off roading package. He can race over the purpose-built jumps and reach speeds up to 220km per hour as he rides for 5 thrilling hot laps. Bring his friends, or head out with the whole family.

Price: $199.

Hinterland Treetop Challenge


Located in Mount Tamborine, you and your Dad can hit the ropes and conquer over 85 individual challenges like flying foxes, games, courses and ladders amongst the beautiful 10-acre terrain. A day filled with athleticism, sweat and smooth ziplining, this is one experience-gift for both th nature-enthusiasts and sport-lovers.

Price: From $49.

Jet Skiing

Because who doesn't enjoy a good jet ski? Your Dad can rip around South Stradbroke Island for up to 2.5-hours and enjoy the warm waters of the Gold Coast. Lookout for dolphins and turtles as he reaches up to 30 - 80km!

Price: From $90.

Ferrari and Lamborghini Supercar Joy Ride

For the car-enthusiasts, this Supercar driving experience is the ultimate Father's Day gift idea. He can step into either a Ferrari 360 Modena (F1 Paddle shift) or a Lamborghini Gallardo (manual) for a 1-hour joyride. Cruise along the highway, through the mountains and along the beach.

Price: From $290.

Deep Sea Reef and Game Fishing

Does he rarely get the chance to do one of his favourite hobbies - fishing? Then send him out for a half-day or full-day fishing excursion in Gold Coast waters. He can hop into a high-speed Cougar catamaran and head over to the top fishing spots with depths of 33 - 50 metres. Top quality equipment is provided as well as morning tea or coffee.

Price: From $135.

Gold Coast Buffet Lunch

If you're looking to take Dad out for an afternoon tour of your hometown on the Gold Coast, then this buffet tour is the ideal gift. Enjoy this 2-hour cruise of the Gold Coast waterways, departing from Surfers Paradise. Feast on the delicious spread of salads, fresh prawns, chicken, salads, fruits - and more!

Price: $59.

In Sydney

Scenic Helicopter Flight and Self-Drive

This 20-minute helicopter experience is an amazing gift for an epic Father's Day in Australia. Your recipient can enjoy amazing views of the Sydney Harbour, inlcuding Sydney Opera House, Bondi Beach and Rose Bay. Each flight requires 2 passengers - so book for yourself, too!

Price: $180.

Classic Car Hire

Got a car lover on your hands? Your Dad will love the ultimate classic car driving experience in Sydney. Choose between a variety of vehicles and styles, like the 1970 Mustang, the 1965 Mustang Convertible, the 1967 Ford Mustang Converible, or the 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe. Your lucky gift-recipient can get 200-kilometres for the day to enjoy cruising around the city of Sydney, pick up time is at 8 am and drop off is 6pm. They have the full day to experience one of their dream cars.

Price: From $100.

Ultimate F1 Driving Experience


Dad can head out to the Sydney Motorsport Park race track to enjoy 5 exhilarating laps in an unmodified racing car.

Price: From $259.

Sydney Harbour Dinner Buffet Cruise

If it's food you're looking for, then there's no better way to celebrate then out on Sydney's iconic harbour. Enjoy this 4-hour cruise amongst yourselves or the entire family as you feast on an international buffet style dinner. When you're done indulging, set your eyes on the live Brazilian floor show, all night DJ and live drums.

Price: $95.

Rally School Hunter Valley

If he's interested in a day out in the Hunter Valley which doesn't include a wine tour, then opt for the Rally School Driving experience. He can get into the passenger seat of a professional rally car, strap on his seatbelt, and prepare for the ride of his life as the professional driver cruises through the dirt track.

Price: From $99.

In Melbourne

Mornington Penninsula Harley Tour

Give your Dad a chance to cruise around on a powerful Harley and discover the breathtaking sights of the Mornington Peninsula with this 2-hour free-style cruise. Discover the views from Arthurs Seat Summit, and drive along the enjoyable road between Port Phillip Bay and Western Port Bay.

Price: $255.

Self-Drive Helicopter Tour

Has Dad ever flown a helicopter? If all answers lead to no, then this is the opportunity to treat him to a helicopter experience over the city of Melbourne. This 30-40-minute flight will take him over Melbourne and he'll learn all about the controls alongside an esteemed and professional flight instructor. Upon arrival to ground, your guy will be granted a flight certificate - a perfect memoir to keep forever.

Price: $295.

Lamborghini or Ferrari Driving


Your Dad can get behind the wheel of a Lamborghini Gallardo or Ferrari Modena with one of these self-drive packages. He will feel the vibrant 500 + horsepower as he cruises around the track alongside a professional driver in the passenger seat. All gift-recipients must be over 25-years of age to participate.

Price: From $149.

Massage Packages

If he is in a desperate need of some relaxation, treat him to a massage package that will come straight to his doorstep. This mobile-massage package means he doesn't even have to lift a finger and step out of the house; his home becomes the spa. Choose between a 1.5-hour and 2-hour massage experience which include a full body massage, essential oils, a reflexology foot massage, a peppermeint foot soak, a face mask - and more.

Price: From $150.

Melbourne Sports Tour.

For the ultimate sports fans, the Melbourne Sports Tour packages will take your gift-recipient to a variety of sporting venues including MCG, Flemington Racecourse, the Commonwealth Games Village, Rod Laver Arena, Albert Park, the National Sports Museum, and other iconic destinations. Choose from 7 different tours with different itineraries.

Price: From $119.

Yarra Valley Vintage Flights

The 20-minute Tiger Moth Flight lifts off from Lilydale Aiport before soaring over the Yarra Valley, giving you views of Yarra Glen, Healesville, Surgarloaf Reservoir and the Yarra River from the sky.

Price: $155.


Give Dad and his friends this 4-hour round of paintball at World Series Paintball Melbourne, and join in if you dare (those paintballs sting!).

Price: $15.

In Perth

Fremantle Craft Beer Tour with Cruise

Take Dad to visit the beautiful Fremantle region and its vibrant craft beer scene. This tour includes a 80-minute Swan River cruise before unloading at O'Connor Landing at Fremantle to enjoy a variety of beer tastings at The Monk, Sail and Anchor, and Clancy's.

Price: From $149.

iFLY Indoor Skydiving Experience

Take Dad to enjoy the full magnitude of skydiving adrenaline - without even having to jump out of a plane! He will love the chance to flip and roll through the indoor iFLY centre, while safely secured in the neccessary flying gear, goggles and helmet. Perfect for those fearful of heights, or for those interested in a hassle-free adventure.

Price: From $89.

Jetpack or Flyboard Experience


If you're interested in a truly epic and new experience to give Dad, this is one way to go. Dad can hop on the jetpack and fly up to 10 metres in the air for 30 minutes.

Price: $140.

40 Minute Rottnest Island Scenic Helicopter Flight

This 40-minute scenic flight will take your Dad over Perth and discover the beauty of Rottest Island as well as the Indian Ocean. If they're passionate about flying, or simply wish to see their city from a different perspective while snapping some beautiful photos, then this gift is ideal. The flight includes a stop-over at Rottnest Island for lunch and 3-hours of free time to explore.

Price: From $565.

Swan Valley Wine Tasting Cruise

Shopping for a wine-o? Then look no further. This day tour is known as Perth's most famous cruise, taking you to the Sandalford Estate Winery and a gourmet 3-course lunch at Riverside Winery Restaurant. Onboard, gift-recipients can enjoy samplings of 6 premium wines, and a dessert buffet on the return journey. This is the perfect gift for Father's Day, for your Grandpa, or even for the whole family to celebrate a special occasion.

Price: From $169.

Perth Dinner Cruise including Drinks

If Dad is all about dining out, then give him the ultimate dining experience with a Perth Dinner Cruise which includes drinks, and live entertainment. Choose from a variety of plates found amongst the hot and cold buffet and dive into a variety of WA wine and beer. As you cruise the night away, take in the scenic view of Perth, also known as the 'City of Lights', while you enjoy the live entertainment.

Price: $128.

Perth Rally Driving Experience

Does your Dad have a need for speed? Or, is he simply a fan of all-things car? Then he will LOVE the opportunity to rip it up on Perth's purpose-built rally track. He can experience the high-speed thrills and slides in a turbo-charged rally Subaru 4WD vehicle, as he cruises anywhere between 1 - 26 laps (depending on package purchased).

Price: From $99.

In Adelaide

Oval Roof Climb

Take Dad to climb the famous Adelaide Oval, home to hundreds of football and cricket matches every year. This experience includes climbing during the day or at twilight to gain spectacular views of both Adelaide and the iconic stadium below. The tour also includes a certificate, cap and group photo - so bring the entire family, or your sports-crazy friend group.

Price: From $99.

Rally School Driving Experience

Take a car lover or adventure seeker on the thrill of their year with this Rally School driving experience on Adelaide's purpose-built track, the Barossa Valley Rally School race track. Choose between a few different driving packages with different laps and cars. Your gift-recipient can get their 'fast-and-furious- on as they get in the passenger seat alongside a professional driver, or choose a self-drive experience in a 4WD Turbo Subaru or Mitsubishi.

Price: From $89.

Cage Dive with Great White Shark


As one of the most popular gifts in our entire catalogue, this Cage Dive is the ultimate test of comfort levels. Take your Dad down to the Neptune Islands where he will sit protected in the cage in all the proper diving gear as the Great White sharks feed on their lunch.

Price: $395.

Dolphin Kayaking Tour

For a Dad passionate about excercise, the ocean and wildlife - this is the ultimate tour to put a smile on their face. This 3-hour kayaking tour departs from Gorden Island public boat ramp and extends into the Southern Ocean. Dolphins and mangroves are potentially sighted on the tour, making it both an exceptional way to get your sweat on - and see some nature.

Price: From $70.

Barossa Valley Winery Tour

Treat him to a day discovering the iconic Barossa Valley where he can taste all of the different flavours of red, white and rose. Learn a little bit abou tthe Chateau Tanunda rich culture, browse through antique collections, and stroll through rose gardens. This is one experience for those with refined taste - and taste buds.


Price: From $175.

MEGA Adventure Park

Adelaide's MEGA Adventure Park is a destination for climbing, flying, and exploring for both the young and the old. Guests can explore over 50 obstacles across the SkyMate structure for the ultimate adrenaline rush. Not only will Dad have an exceptionally fun time conquering the course, you can spend some time outside together.

Price: $59.

Family Pass to Adelaide Zoo

When was the last time you and your Dad visited the Adelaide Zoo? If you can't even recall, then it's probably the perfect chance for your next visit as a family. Treat Dad to a great Father's Day gift and discover the amazing wildlife (like Australia's only giant Pandas), lions, tigers, penguins - and more.

Price: From $88.50.

The Best Gift Shops in Australia for Him

1. Brisbane: The Happy Cabin

Step into The Happy Cabin and you'll immediately enter outback Canada as you search for the perfectly fashionable, albeit rustic, gift for Dad.

If you're looking to grab a gift for a true (or wannabe) Australian mountain Dad, then look no further. Choose from a collection of fashion labels (think Fjallraven bags). homeware accessories like hammocks and blankets, as well as men's grooming products, all curated from around the world.

Is your Dad still enthusiastic about the flaired jeans and winged-hair? Then he will also love any sort of gift found amongst the 'box vintage' selection at The Happy Cabin, a collection of 70s and 80s goodies.

Where: 58 Vulture St, West End.

2. Gold Coast: Six Things Shop

Step into this amazing 50s-style home and discover one of Tweed Head's favourite gift shops. Like a treasure-box for vintage, quirky and personable gifts, there's more than a chance you'll find something truly special for Dad.

This local fav was originally found down in the Old Burleigh Arcade, but now serves Tweed Heads and the southern Gold Coast with pop-culture gifts from around the world. Coined as 'a shop that celebrates the cool, curious and crazy', you can find really anything in here to appease the eccentric, but also the easy-going, gift recipient.

Head into the shop to discover everything from print tees, men's leather phone cases and watches, framed prints and wall décor,(perfect for Dad’s office desk at home), to intelligent and crafty greeting cards (for the lazy yet thoughtful gift-giver), books for the avid reader and coffee-table collector, as well as our personal favourites: the bacon, coffee and man musk scented candles (also known as ‘man candles’).

Stop by and take a seat in their lounge area, grab a coffee from their in-house espresso machine, and let the owners help you sift through their huge collection of gifts for Dad. Can't make it in? They have an online store, too.

Where: 42 Frances Street, Tweed Heads, Queensland 2485.

3. Sydney: The Corner Booth

Although it originally started as a children’s store back in 2002, Annandale’s The Corner Booth is now a boutique gift shop for all ages.

They have a beautiful selection of homewear gifts like pillows, throws and baskets; but for Dad, opt for the apcotherapy products, cookbooks, candles, and specialty mugs (perfect for his desk at work!)

Where: 105 Booth St, Annandale.

4. Melbourne: The Third Drawer Down

This gift store in Fitzroy is one of those places you can visit at anytime of the year, only to discover there's someting new and exciting on show.

Founded in 2003 on George street, this airy and bright boutique brings shoppers in for a delightful experience of sifting through the famous prints and fabrics (think beautiful linens designed by worldly artists), but also a refined collection of books, jewellery, and accessories for the office desk, for the home, and for the modern space.

When shopping for Dad, it's easy to find something sweet and simple to make his life a little sunnier. We love the unique bookmarks, the copper finished espresso cups, but also the handkerchiefs.

Where: 93 George St, Fitzroy.

5. Adelaide: Three Birds

Located in Stirling, Adelaide Hills, this gift shop is the perfect place to find something last-minute for Dad.

We’re a big fan of these unique dog and cat mugs, this mini bowling kit, this 'damn handsome' beard kit, and these accessories for iPhones and iPads.

Where: 37-39 Mount Barker Rd, Stirling.

6. Perth: The Tenth State

Are you looking to slow things down, grab a cup of coffee, and have an enjoyable gift-searching experience? Head over to The Tenth State concept store in Crawley where you can casually sift through their carefully curated goods, while sipping on a hot cuppa.

This half gift store, half coffee shop, brings Perth a taste of refined gift ideas for Dad. You can browse through their collection of books, pillows, candles and jewellery. Or, simply take Dad here on Father's Day so he can pick out the perfect gift for himself.

Where: 2/10 Broadway, Perth.

Take a look at the rest of our catalogue to find the perfect Father's Day gift, here here.