Hello Minouche, The Winter Collection Posted on 13 Jun 12:00

Minouche - simple + lovely clothing for babies and little girls.

Minouche is French for kitten, and kittens stand for everything that Minouche is about. Young and playful, sweet and lovely, elegant but never too serious.

Minouche at The Corner Booth Sydney
Designed in a seaside suburb of Sydney, Australia, and ethically made by a small and talented group of seamstresses in Bali, the designs are precious but not 'precious' - all designed to look right at home at either party or playground, perfectly suiting the relaxed Australian style. 

Hello Minouche Vintage Clothing for Girls

Simple but impeccably made designs that look charming on their own, yet equally good with a fairy wand, tiara and mums lipstick (or gumboots, superhero cape and a pirate hat).

Natural fabrics are used where possible because they feel better against your skin, and kids should feel comfortable.  Natural fabrics also wash and wear beautifully, often becoming softer with use - allowing items to become treasured, comfortable pieces worn time and time again (and handed down to sisters, cousins and friends).

Minouche Girls Clothing Online at The Corner Booth

Gorgeous, simple styles with a nod to vintage design. Clothing that lets girls be themselves, feel comfortable and look lovely, all at once.  

Minouche is available in store and online in Sydney's inner west at The Corner Booth

Hello Minouche, Beautiful Vintage Girls Clothing Posted on 7 Apr 13:00

Made with love this simple and lovely range of clothing from Minouche has a vintage aesthetic.

Minouche Girls clothing at The Corner Booth Annandale

Classic styled rompers, pinafores, bonnets and blouses take us back to simpler times. While luxury fabrics such as velvets, floral poplins remind us of just how beautiful clothing for children should be made.

Minouche Clothing for Girls at The Corner Booth kids shop Annandale

Minouche is designed In Sydney, Australia.