Miffy Night Lights Posted on 28 Nov 11:30

Miffy first made her debut in 1955 and this Dutch storybook character has become a pop culture icon.This friendly bunny has more than 30 books devoted to her, TV shows and feature films- gaining a following world wide.

Miffy Night Light At The Corner Booth Sydney

This sweet Miffy night light is a fun decorative light for older fans or offers a wonderful nightlight for nurseries.With a dimmable LED light and fully heat-resistant, Miffy casts a soft glow to any room.

Miffy Lights and Nursery Decor at The Corner Booth

Miffy is available in two sizes at our gift shop in Annandale

Miffy For Christmas Posted on 14 Oct 07:43

Dreaming of your very own Miffy night light for Christmas?

Miffy is now available in store and as anticipated selling fast.

Miffy Night Light available at The Corner Booth

With just a couple of this iconic night light remaining please contact us now.