Kate and Kate, Eastern Point Posted on 5 Oct 10:00

Eastern Point was inspired by the landscape and culture of Australia’s most transportive coastal retreats.

Kate and Kate Blankets Online Sydney

A study of contrasts, the collection features free-form shapes alongside stark geometric design, luxurious natural fibres, and for the first time, stunning natural linen and hand-woven cotton.

Kate and Kate Linen and Homewares at The Corner Booth

With a collection so tactile  and beautiful, this season at The Corner Booth we have extend our offering to include both the much loved blankets and fabulous new linen collection.

Kate and Kate Linen and Tablecloths at The Corner Booth Sydney

Online now for pre-orders with delivery expected early October.

Kate and Kate Blankets at The Corner Booth

Kate and Kate...Exhale Posted on 27 Jun 13:00

The Winter 16 season by Kate & Kate has been inspired by a shared desire to pause, reflect and forge a considered path forward.

Kate and Kate Baby Blankets and Gifts in Sydney

Exhale is a collection of gradient greys, nuanced pinks and blues, free-form shapes and luxurious natural fibres - brought to life in Kate & Kate's signature baby and adult blankets.

Baby Blankets from Kate and Kate available at The Corner Booth Gift shop Annandale

Exhale’s reflective mood is expressed not only in design, but also in a fine hand-stitched finish, superior quality cottons.

Bedding and Blankets by Kate and Kate at The Corner Booth Lifestyle shop

Kate and Kate is available in our Annandale gift shop and online store.

Take time. Breathe it in.  Create space.  Exhale. 

Kate and Kate beautiful blankets and towels for the home Posted on 13 Jan 12:00

Kate & Kate is the brainchild of sisters-in-law Kate Pascoe and Kate Pascoe Squires. Together they have created a brand that offers a range of Australian designed textiles and soft furnishings for the home.

Kate and Kate towels at The Corner Booth

Launched with a small collection of cotton blankets in 2013, Kate & Kate now produces seasonal collections, all carefully created using only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.

kate and kate blankets at The Corner Booth

The Kate & Kate design aesthetic is renowned for its clean lines, geometric shapes and love of both colour and monochrome. This is reflected not only in their cotton blankets,  luxurious bath sheets,  and hand towels .

kate and kate towels at The Corner Booth

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