Kapow Kids,Fun Practical Clothing For Kids Posted on 1 Feb 11:00

Kapow Kids

Kapow Kids is a local Melbourne brand that offers a fresh and unique range of baby and toddler clothing- expect fun prints, and a clash of patterns.

Kapow Kids Baby Clothing

Each garment has been thoughtfully designed by owner Andrea with kids and comfort in mind.

We are excited to have the Kapow Kids range of clothing at our kids shop in Annandale.

Kapow Kids Clothing at The Corner Booth Sydney

Kapow Kids, Cool Kids Clothing Posted on 4 Aug 10:00

Kapow Kids has been designed in Australia and offers a range of quirky and unique range of clothing for baby ad toddlers.

Kapow Kids Clothing The Corner Booth Sydney

Limited release prints that are just a little bit edgy, and designs that are built for both comfort and style.

Kapow Kids Clothing Online at The Corner Booth Sydney

This summer Kapow Kids embraces iconic summer images- cool banana dresses, sweet icecream skirts and tees . 

Kapow Kids Unisex Clothing The Corner Booth Sydney

Kapow Kids is released for pre-sale today.