Rock Your Baby Drop Two- Pre-Sales Tonight

We are excited to announce the opening of pre-sales for Rock Your Baby Summer Drop Two – The In Crowd.

 Rock Your Baby in Sydney Inner West

This range is for kids who break the fashion rules. Kids who were born to lead not follow. They are the trailblazers. They are always one step ahead of the pack. They rock the hardest. They are the last ones standing. They are unapologetically themselves. They are the bravest and the boldest. They are Rock Your Baby kids to the core. They are THE IN CROWD.

 Rock Your Baby Girls Clothing In Sydney At The Corner Booth

Rock Your Baby gets bigger and better each season and this summer will see the range delivered in three separate drops. Each range will have a distinctive feel, but will cleverly match back with the others.

 Rock Your Baby Annandale

As always some styles are limited and we anticipate delivery from September for this current pre-sale.

 Don’t forget to take advantage of our AFTERPAY option which gives you the flexibility to purchase now and pay in instalments later.