Myland Interactive Car- new STEM technology

Hit the road and drive your way into an early *STEM learning adventure!

The smooth contours, contemporary design, and soft yet vivid colours instantly inspire the imagination.

The Corner Booth Annandale Kids Toy Shop

But then, drop the two play figures into their matching-colour seats and - VROOM! - Imaginations jump straight from intrigue into endless hours of action!

Myland Car The Corner Booth

Roll it forward - The engine vrooms louder while the headlights shine brilliantly bright. Roll it backward - A warning bell pings to tell everyone to look out while the break lights shine bright with red.

Kids feel like they're driving a real car!

But that's only the play part...

Myland STEM interactive toys

The more children explore, the more they discover - The lights and sounds only work if the figures are in their correct seats. The front seat turns on the sound, the back turns on the lights, and it's all controlled by the movement of the wheels.

Little brains grow bigger through play!

Beautifully designed, wonderfully intuitive, and intellectually inspiring - The road to early STEM education begins with the Myland Car.