Knit For Life

Recognising the skills and talents of the artisan knitters from the rural areas close to where we they were born in Zimbabwe, was the impetus for two sisters Mally and Jackie Ellis to launch Knit for Life.

Knit For Life Toys

 A charity providing an income to a community of women artisan knitters in the Chatsworth area of Masvingo Province of South East Zimbabwe.

Knit For Life Baby Gifts at The Corner Booth
The skilled Zimbabwean knitters work with pride and attention to detail to create a bespoke range of cotton knitwear that has been designed in Australia for the Australian market.

The knitters use their income to alleviate their extreme poverty and improve their living conditions through their ability to access food and shelter education and healthcare services for themselves and their families.
New Baby Gifts By Knit For LIfe

Come meet the range of Knit For Life's soft toys and become part of the movement for change.