Kippins, a modern organic comforter for baby

Kippins baby and toddler toys are a modern organic comforter that are perfect for calming and soothing babies and toddlers.

These toys are perfectly sized for small hands are suitable for both sleep and play.

Kippins Organic Baby Toys Sydney

Crying, fussing, teething. Definitely NOT sleeping. We've all been there when babe is having a bad time! Enter Kippins, the 100% organic cotton, portable, machine washable little friends that keep baby happy .

Organic Baby Toys and Gifts by Kippins


Parents like to use their Kippin as part of a sleep routine, and they become a signal to baby that it's time to get some shut eye! You baby's Kippin will join them on jaunts in the car, can help them drop a swaddle (giving busy hands something to focus on), and those self-tie knots are perfectly safe and nasties free for little teethers. The Kippins are independently safety tested, so you can introduce your Kippin early on so that your baby gets used to them being around.

Certified organic cotton and organic poly-fill,printed using organic inks.Each toy is hand printed making each unique. Kippins are available at our gift shop in Annandale or our online store.Kippins Baby Toys Annandale