Have You Met Jones and Co

Jones & Co is a feel-good home wares that focuses on optimistic design and quality handmade finishes. Established in 2006 with their first brand “Have You Met Miss Jones” where they were famous for their ceramics and distinctive designs for the home.
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Over time the brand has evolved and now lives under the moniker “Jones & Co”, a change that was made to pay homage to the many hands that it takes to create the product. 

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Their products are designed in Bondi Beach NSW, where they work closely with artisans and small factories across South East Asia that have honed their craftsmanship and specialised skills over years of experience. All the products are crafted with the greatest care and created in limited quantities.
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The Jones & Co collection is full of fresh designs to spark joy in your home and they work with passion to create distinctive styles for living spaces. Their products are the perfect gift for friends and family to make people smile.