Goldie.. The Latest Collection from Sage and Clare

Inspired by the Haciendas and Ranches of Southern California, Goldie celebrates the wildness, generosity and free spirit of nature. A tribute to laidback living and a slower pace of life, nothing is new and shiny, but everything has a story.

Homewares and apparel burst with ripe harvest motifs, rustic florals, and eclectic takes on timeless patterns like stripes and checks. Woven throughout the entire collection is a reverent respect for the act of creation, shown through artisanal, hand-crafted textures and nods to the power of heirlooms.

Goldie is a much-needed reminder to slow down, breathe in deep, and connect with the raw, unfiltered beauty of the wide world on our doorsteps. It’s an ode to the deliciously natural things in life, and to the irreplaceable moments that matter most.

And, most importantly, it’s all made with a whole lotta love.