Dan300 a new wave of colour at The Corner Booth

DAN300  is a range of locally designed gifts and cosmetics

Dan300 at the Corner Booth Sydney

Founded back in 1999, Dani Rosen has spent almost twenty years designing and manufacturing a range of products- each incorporating her own unique, signature prints.

Skin Care and Cosmetics at The Corner Booth

This season at The Corner Booth the Dan300 range introduces the message in a soap bon bon, luxe body  and hand treatments, luxe candles, lip rouge and lip bon bons. 

Lifestyle Gifts Sydney at The Corner Booth

Perfect for the gift buying season the Dan300 range continues to inspire with us their inspirational message gifts. With more than 6 designs to choose from there is a bonbon for all occasions- a sick friend, a housewarming, teacher gift, or a personal treat.

Online Dan300 Australia

The Dan300 range is available in store and online now, and makes a perfect made and designed in Australia gift.