Cluse Watches, a great gift idea for Mothers Day

Cluse watches blend both timelessness and minimalism. Designed in Amsterdam, Cluse watches are both functional and effortless.

Cluse watches feature a simple, oversized face in either black, gold, rose gold or silver with changeable leather, suede or mesh bands in a range of colours to suit your outfit (or your mood!).Cluse watches not only tell time, but tell of a sense of style: they’re cool without trying to be.

Cluse Watches at The Corner Booth

The minimalist aesthetic of Cluse watches suits women who are confident in their style and understand that simplicity represents an elegance that never goes out of fashion. Cluse ateliers and specialised watchmakers ensure that each watch represents the high quality for which the brand has become synonymous. Cluse is definitely for the modern woman who knows that if she buys well once, it will last a lifetime. Just one of the great gift ideas for Mum this Mothers Day.