Cleanse By Hepzabeth Posted on 31 Oct 10:00

We are so excited to welcome the range of artisan soap by Cleanse by Hepzabeth to The Corner Booth. Recently famous as the range is now sold internationally at Anthropologie .

We do  just love her story about how her business began as seen on the Etsy Blog

" handmade and vintage goods

Howdy! My name is Hepzabeth, and I’m the creator behind the artisan soap and skincare company Cleanse by Hepzabeth  I’m originally from the Cotswolds, but I currently live in Sydney, Australia.


So much of my story is inspired by my grandmother. She spent most of her childhood at a self-sufficient farm school in Western Australia, where making soap was a part of life. After I finished my studies in furniture restoration, conservation and decorative arts at university in England, I decided to follow her path. So, I moved to Australia and took up soap-making as a hobby. Cleanse With Benefits is the result of that journey.


During the day, I work for a renowned upholstery company here in Sydney. I’ve been lucky to create furniture for clients including Australia’s former prime minister Paul Keating and AC/DC’s Malcolm Young. Cleanse With Benefits is a wonderful outlet for my creativity during my spare time; I love spending weekends in my garden workshop developing new scents.


Every batch of soap I make is unique in style and design. I have a special love for pretty blooms like poppies, roses, and lavender, and I use a plant-based recipe that contains shea butter, cocoa butter, Australian olive oil and coconut oil. Once I’ve poured the soap, I have to be patient and wait a day or two before un-molding and cutting (every soap maker’s favorite moment!). Each bar is always different, like little pieces of art.

 My goal for the future is be more self-sufficient – like my grandmother – and to one day press my own olive oil from homegrown olives and harvest my own beeswax and honey."
Cleanse By Hepzabeth i snow available in store at our Annandale gift shop.