Christening Gift Ideas At The Corner Booth

Looking for some creative ideas for a Christening present?

Here at The Corner Booth we pride ourselves on having gifts that you will love to give.

Wooden toys are one of our favourites, especially the Sydney Ferry and Melbourne Tram made by Iconic these are sure to be loved. They will look stunning in any room and provide hours of fun as the child gets older and also make a great keepsake.

Make Me Iconic at The Corner Booth Sydney

Books also make a beautiful  present and we have a wide selection that will also make a perfect Christening gift. Write in the front of it the recipients name and your name and date which adds a beautiful personal touch.

Miann and Co (La De Dah kids previously) have a gorgeous range of crocheted cushions, dolls and animals that would make an amazing Christening gift that would make a treasured heirloom.

Miann and Co Baby Gifts at The Corner Booth

At The Corner Booth we also have stunning night lights that would make an amazing present that would  also be treasured.

Whoever the lucky recipient is, here at The Corner Booth we will able to help you chose a gorgeous present that they will love and treasure.