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Step inside The Corner Booth.

Bespoke finds in the heart of Sydney’s Inner West.

Source: @cornerboothstore

Once upon a time there was a little store in Sydney’s Annandale. Nestled on the corner of two busy streets, this warm, friendly space was filled to the brim with wonders and magical trinkets for the kids, but the owners were at a crossroads. 

They dreamed of change. Their vision? Create a shopping wonderland to bring out the wild inner-child in all of us - kids and grown-ups alike. They opened their treasure trove, to offer everything from womenswear, to homewares, to lifestyle, the works.  #futuregoals.

“We started originally as a children's store back in 2002,” recalls owner Leah Kress. “But we wanted to create a unique lifestyle store, so back in 2015 we did the switch to The Corner Booth

Now when you step into the land of The Corner Booth, you’ll find sweet-scented candles, coffee table books, luxury bedding, colourful cups, rainbow ukuleles, pineapple purses, unicorn pens, fun inflatables… SO much goodness, sure to make you smile.

Since first opening it’s doors, this family owned and operated baby store has grown into the teenager of boutiques, with shopping local at the heart of their vision. “The Corner Booth is that one-stop lifestyle store and gift shop,” says Leah. “I love that we constantly evolve to meet consumer demand. As a lifestyle store we are free to offer anything from a unique baby gift to a timeless piece of furniture!”

You don’t just visit The Corner Booth, you experience it. From the unique baby gems by every new parent’s BFF Ladedah hanging up high, to the delicious warm tones of Husk salts for that extra pamper time when it’s long-bath-soak-o’clock. 

Time to find out why you need to drop by this divine shopping destination... See ya there!

What is The Corner Booth all about? “We’re a local lifestyle store that prides itself on our unique product offering and customer service.”

What is a day in the life of you and your team? “It's a juggling act. A crazy mix of school drop-offs, coffees on the run, multiple trips to the post office (sending off those ARCHFASHION orders) and if all has gone to plan maybe a quick trip to the gym!”

Your secret to success... “I’m a shopkeeper that is passionate about her products and her shop and just loves presenting them beautifully.”

Your favourite things about Annandale and Sydney's Inner West... “The proximity. Almost everything is on our doorstep.” 

She’s not kidding! Make a day of it with Leah’s top tips for #innerwestlife

Eat… “Bar Asia is amazing. They have fabulous, healthy food options.”

Drink… “For coffee it's the Corner Smith.”

See... “Tramsheds a great new food and shopping destination.”

Do… “Jubilee Park a great walk (or bike run) to the Fish Markets in Pyrmont.”

Shop… “Annandale has an amazing offering: great cafes, bakeries, award-winning florists, nurseries and a fabulous collection of quirky gift shops… and of course there’s The Corner Booth.”