Maison Blanche, beautifully scented candles

Maison Blanche has been hand pouring candles scented soy candles since 2012.

Maison Blanche believes that the burning experience is everything; a candle that looks and smells nice isn't worth anything if it doesn't burn correctly. That’s why every candle is meticulously handmade from the highest quality 100% pure soy wax, with no nasty additives. They use lead and toxin free cotton wicks to ensure a safe burn and have selected the best fragrance oils to complete every Maison Blanche candle.

Maison Blanche candles at The Corner Booth

Maison Blanche is proud to be an eco-conscious business. They have selected high quality glassware to house our candles; so that once the candle is finished the container can be reused. 

Scented soy candles by Maison Blanche at The Corner Booth

We are excited to add The Maison Blanche range of candles to our product range at The Corner Booth.