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We are huge fans of the Sack Me range of linen and we were pretty excited when they did a blog post about the opening of our new store.

This delicious range of linen is available in store and online.

Thanks Sack Me

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We’re so proud and fortunate to work with so many amazing stores with beautiful owners and today we’re thrilled to feature The Corner Booth Store in Sydney. Owned by Leah Kress who formerly started the much loved children’s boutique Infancy, we got Leah to help answer a few candid questions about herself and her new store.

Tell us a little bit about your background – what did you study and what path led you opening The Corner Booth?
Back in 2002 I opened my first Infancy store. Some 13 years later with a continued love of children’s products we have created The Corner Booth.  A store with carefully curated products that have been thoughtfully designed and made, sourced locally and from around the globe.

What do you love most about retail?
I had my first retail job and 17 and despite a few career changes in between have remained passionate about retail. I love creating stories or vignettes of products and inspiring customers.


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What’s the funniest thing a customer ever did/ said to you? 
There has been a few…One customer asked if I could look after her child while she went to the pub..seriously!!

What’s your favourite product from Sack Me’s Carnival range? (cheeky!)
I am personally a fan of the the blankets generous in size and such great quality. But for the customers this season it’s been all about the donuts!!


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Anandale’s best kept secret?
Annandale is the sweetest of villages in Sydney’s inner West. This leafy village is just minutes from the city and is spoilt with beautiful city and harbour views. This coupled with it’s cool cafes makes it ideal.

What are you looking forward to?
Exciting about this new evolving project and looking forward to adding more lifestyle products to our store, while also growing our current.

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You can find Sack Me! goodies at the Corner Booth Store – 105 B0oth Street, Annandale, NSW 2038 or shop online at