1st Birthday Present Ideas at The Corner Booth

So it's been a year since your bundle of joy arrived or you have been invited to a 1st birthday party...

Here at The Corner Booth we can help suggest some fantastic presents that will keep any 1 year old happy or their parents happy with a great gift they know will be useful.

Love Mae have many gorgeous designs of bamboo dinnerware that will make any one year old (hopefully) enjoy their dinner!

Wooden Xylophones provide hours of fun and entertainment, along with maracas, tambourines and bell sticks! 

Musical Instruments and Wooden Toys at The Corner Booth

Kid O is also a brand that The Corner Booth stocks that we highly recommend - especially for those who are turning one. Stacking cups, floating bath toys and bath squirters are all popular gifts and sure to be a great hit.

KidO kids toys at The Corner Booth

There are also numerous brands of soft toys that we stock that are sure to be loved. Some of the favourites are Alimrose, Miann & Co and Citta Design. Children love making new "friends" with all of these toys and are guaranteed to be given loads of cuddles in the years to come.

Miann and Co hand knitted toys at The Corner Booth