Why This Single Mum Loves The Corner Booth

As a single mother of two heavenly little girls, I find myself with a sometimes frustrating problem …

The desire to shop for beautiful items, but no time in which to do it. The solution is my deeply adored pastime, online shopping. I not only use it to find the best products at the most competitive prices. But also to relax, to get creative and to simply feel connected to the outside world. And one of my very favourite sites, is undoubtedly, The Corner Booth.

Baby Gifts and Clothing at The Corner Booth gift shop Annandale

Landing on The Corner Booth site is a ‘kid in a candy shop’ experience. You will be drawn invitingly along avenues of homewares, clothes, accessories and gifts. Allow yourself some time though. Dinners have burnt throughout Australia due to this alluring and wonderfully enjoyable shopping experience.

Take my last visit for example. I’ll set the scene: Me, comfy couch, cup of tea, trusty iPad, sleeping children. I was after a gift for my friends beautiful, brand-new baby girl. I often head to The Corner Booth for gifts. They divide them into occasions, making it super-easy to find something suitably special. Well I hit jackpot immediately. Is there is women alive who could go past the Alimrose Bibs without acknowledging their cuteness? I went with the cherry creation, of course! Then found myself wishing she’d had a boy so I could get the Bow Tie Dotty. Or couldn’t she have had twins, one of both? That would be perfect. (She may not not agree!)

Monochrome Baby Gifts at The Corner Booth

The greetings card section is worth a peep too. Cards give the opportunity to impart a small message we may not otherwise voice. The sharing of love, good wishes and happiness. The Corner Booth card selection has sparkle, style and a sense of humour. After much consideration (and a couple of chocolate cookies) I went for the modest, yet marvellous Hello Baby

Of course, I’m on a retail roll now, so I may as well keep going. It’d be rude not too. Plus, did I mention they have a fabulous shop now, pay later option? And .. drum roll .. it’s interest free. So you can pay in four instalments over eight weeks, without (you heard right) a penalty. Thank you The Corner Booth.

With this in mind I suddenly realised I really needed a new bag. No, I hadn’t realised it half an hour ago. And yes, it was now imperative that I have one. Luckily, I was in the right place  to appease my need. The Corner Booth has a cool collection of bags for every occasion. I went with the Tote Bag knowing it would only be mine until my daughters spotted it. But hey ho, at least it will get used, be loved .. and most definitely be fought over.

Tote bags at The Corner Booth Sydney

It’s a good feeling when the gift for your friend’s new baby is ordered and winging its way to you. It’s an even better feeling when you know there’s a little something in the package for you too.

The Corner Booth is the place I go to for escapism within the comfort of my home. It’s the place I linger in to experience the sheer joy of shopping. And it’s the place I leave content that I’ve made the perfect purchase, and that all is well in my world.

Article written by Lucy Good from Beanstalk Single Mums

Created by single mums, for single mums. Beanstalk is a sanctuary of light-hearted conversation, practical advice and wonderfully transformative tools, designed uniquely for single mums.