The Roundabout, the most stylish nappy clutch ever

Nappy Bag and Clutch by Pretty Brave at The Corner Booth

The designer change clutch for mums and dads who are out 'n about.

The Roundabout Nappy Bag and Clutch at The Corner Booth

This unique round change mat opens up to 62cm diameter

 Detachable mesh pouch with pockets, designed to hold 1-2 nappies and a standard wipes case.

Pretty Brave Roundabouts at The Corner Booth Sydney

 Unclip the pouch and The Roundabout becomes a play mat!

 Handy external zip pocket 

 Folded clutch size is 16cm x 28cm 

 Simply use a damp cloth to wipe clean 

Baby friendly - independently tested to be safe from Formaldehyde, Lead, PVC, Phthalates and BPAs

Roundabouts by Pretty Brave at The Corner Booth

The next delivery of Roundabouts are expected mid October.