Shopping Basket With Cutting Vegetables

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Chrome finish, old-school style, metal shopping basket. Comes complete with wooden and felt vegetables, chopping board and knife to stimulate imaginative play. Gain fine motor skills as the children "cut" the Velcro-joined vegetables. Great for the cubby house or budding chef as they roleplay life skills. Excellent addition to play kitchen.

Approx size and weight


1 basket 20cmLx16cmWx14cmH (with the handle up), 100g,


1 tomoto 5cmLx5cmWx4cmH, 40g,


1 corn 4cmLx4cmWx9cmH, 40g,


1 carrot 3cmLx3cmWx12cmH, 40g,


1 scallion 2.5cmLx2.5cmWx17cmH, 20g,


1 bush potato 4cmLx4cmWx5cmH, 40g,


1 eggplant 3.5cmLx3.5cmWx9cmH, 40g,


1 onion 5cmLx5cmWx3cmH, 20g,


1 pepper (capsicum) 4.5cmLx4.5cmWx5cmH.40g,


2 mushroom 4cmLx4cmWx6cmH, 30g each.