Little Green Fog

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ack and Harry Beaumont are young brothers, aged 8 and 6 years old, with a passion for writing and illustrating. They love reading books and thought they would have a go at writing their own. Jack came up with the idea for The Little Green Frog while slowly travelling on a canal boat down the River Nene in Northamptonshire, UK, counting dragonflies, damselflies and other wildlife spotted along the way. On returning to their home in Australia, Jack and Harry set about creating their book. Harry painstakingly used letterpress stamps to create the font and then painted sheets of paper, which were cut up, along with beautiful hand-marbled paper by Il Papiro in Melbourne, to create collages to illustrate Jack's words. The little green frog loves jumping. Follow him as he jumps from lily pad to lily pad. Where will he go? Will he reach his destination? The Little Green Frog is a book about resilience and not giving up. It's a perfect story for young children today. SELLING POINTS: The book is unique in that is has been written by children for children. Jack and Harry are brothers. They are aged 8 and 6 years old and they love reading, writing and illustrating books. The Little Green Frog is the first book to be published under the Little Green Olives imprint, an imprint of Green Olive Press, specially created for books written by children for children. The beautiful illustrations are mixed media collages, created by the younger brother using brightly painted paper cut into pieces, hand-marbled paper and tiny pieces of lace for the dragonfly's wings. The Little Green Frog is a charming story about resilience and never giving up

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