Galactic Putty


Stretch, twist, bounce and enjoy! Our Galactic Putty is the BEST anti-stress fidget putty in the galaxy*, available in three different ‘out of this world’ tins of fun.


This putty is heat sensitive, changing colour from hot to cold. Hold it in your hand and your body temperature will change the putty from purple to blue.

Cosmo Glow 

Taking glow-in-the-dark to a whole other level! This putty might look innocent enough in the

daylight… but enter a dark room and watch it brightly glow. The putty is charged simply by exposing it to a bright light. The brighter the light the longer it will glow.

UV Reactor 

Possibly from another universe*, this putty changes colour under ultraviolet light! Use the enclosed UV mini torch to write or draw secret messages or designs, directly into the surface of the putty. Or expose the putty to direct sunlight and watch it change colour in seconds.

Please note that the colour changes are temporary, so you can experiment with light, over and over again.

All three putties can be stretched, pulled, moulded and even bounced! They are reusable,

non-toxic and mess free.


Suitable for ages 3+