Falcon Enamel Pasta Plate White & Blue 20 x 3cm

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Falcon Enamel has been around since the 1920's. The iconic ice-white with blue rim, classic design was revitalised in 2011 and continues to grow in popularity today.

Each piece is made by fusing porcelain onto heavy-gauge steel, resulting in durability, smoothness and chemical-resistance. If you drop it, it may chip, but it won't break.

Dishwasher safe

Perfect for use outdoors

Care and Cleaning:


Lemon Juice can remove stains


Soaking in warm soapy water can remove baked on food


Avoid using abrasive sponges that can scratch the enamel.


If it chips the steel beneath the enamel will naturally oxidise but the enamelware will remain safe to use. And we think it adds a little more character.